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brand Further!

Here at Kannex Media, our mission is connecting you to resources and help accelerate your brand further.

Websites & e-Commerce

We work with NFPs and businesses ensuring their brand is at the core, and that their customers can reach them.

Email / Team Collaboration

Setting up the Microsoft 365 tools for team collaboration and providing training for your employees.

Security & Managed IT

Hire us to take care of your technology needs, while ensuring that your business remains operational.

Device Security and Managed IT (MSP)

Let us take care of all your technology needs and be that IT department that you've always wanted. We provide a managed IT service so you can focus on keeping your business running smoothly

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Improving Productivity and Collaboration

Integrating existing workflows with new tools that help you and your team become more efficient at running the company.

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Featured Client
Success Story

“I've been working with Rohan for the last couple months on some banners for our company at shows, events, etc. He has been very prompt and professional in his responses and has delivered a solution that will turn heads in a meaningful way! I've been very pleased with his work so far!”

“Kannex gets the job done beautifully and quickly every time. I would give his company 5/5 stars and recommend him for all types of businesses.”

“This company has provided great work and professional quality at a very affordable price.”

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