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fork and spoon meal exchange logo

Meal Exchange Canada

Meal Exchange coordinates the student movement to transform food on Canada’s campuses. Students get involved through our national programs supporting campus kitchens, gardens and farms, food banks, food sovereignty and food procurement.

For us, it was a great opportunity to work with such a grass roots organization and to further their brand and identity across all platforms. It took us approximately 3 months and hundreds of design revisions to get a website that is functioning well but also is easy to make changes to in the future.

We also worked with their in-house graphic designer and improved their social media accounts as well as bridging any organizational gaps that existed (such as introducing Slack to the company for better communications)

Meal Exchange Website

Solomon Financial Inc.

They are a company with offices in both Alberta and Ontario providing financial planning and benefits for all those willing to learn in their workshops and to their customers. We were brought on to design a retractable banner for them to use during the workshops (held at their office space) and at events.

We were also able to assist them with refreshing their business cards to complement their brand and the other promotional materials they already had. The cards feature a dark corporate front side with their slogan, and the rear featured the advisor's name and information

They have been pleased with the results and have looked into convincing their other offices to contract additional work from us in the future.

Integrative Healing & Yoga

Integrative Healing's mission is to honor the traditional holistic therapies while supporting the evolution of the healing arts and the practitioners who are forging new paths in holistic services. The owners were already frustrated with the previous web hosting company keeping their website hostage and we suggested that it would be the right time to start from scratch. Plus, their previous website was a total mess and difficult for anyone to find information about the business.

Their website has been designed to work easily on both laptops and phones while keeping simplicity in the layout. We have added in social media feeds and contact forms for them to use, along with providing training to anyone that would like to learn how to make edits and changes to the website. We also worked with their photographer to get the right types of photos to use.